Detritus 505



▶ Someone on lllllines linked to this app at Macrepository


I never used that particular drum app, but I did use plenty of others of the same vintage and my brief feelings of #nostalgia were soon overwhelmed by how I had totally forgotten what a freaking fugly font that was! (another early mac font horror story: I was a partner in a studio business in Auckland many years ago and our Accountant offered to do some ‘logo design’ for us. Hobo font. OMFG)



▶ The recurring fashback from these experiences means I now have to occasionally visit new fonts at just to remind myself that was an anomaly, and enjoy how diverse the typographic multiverse is now….



▶ Also at Macrepository, possibly the best worst app name ever? SpazTech 2400
(a library app for Prophet VS)




▶ drinking a little too much? news of a solution (aka a different problem)



▶ Play the long game is good advice in many situations, also with insta






▶ interesting new sequencer plugin: Zenith



▶ re Black Friday etc… great quote from The Foley Grail (thanks Frank)





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