Detritus 508



▶ Molten steel meets water



▶ just have to imagine the sound of this!



▶ I saw Wooden Migaloo, a fantastic automata on Twitter and tried to find a vid of it to embed, but couldn’t so go check this collection of photos & videos But while searching I read a comment by emozhimo who made it, who said he was inspired to make it after seeing one in NZ made by Lost Gypsy, who it turns out lives in The Caitlins down South…

▶ Lost Gypsy



▶ We all know them (oddly often older white guys who are surprisingly not scientists but…) here is a useful guide for dealing with ‘their reckons’ – How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic



▶ “Nine years ago, I did a reverse image search on a photograph of me and was shocked to discover it had become a meme



▶ great Max for LIVE free device list with description



▶ Watch: ‘Steiner´s Workshop’ directed by Arturo R. Jiménez at The Playlist
‘Steiner’s Workshop’ is a documentary portrait of a forgotten genius. Part mad scientist, part inscrutable musician, Nyle Steiner is a singular presence in the world of underground inventors.





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