Detritus 510



▶ wow! or more correctly “woooooooooooooooooooooooooow!”



▶ Youtube: Wolf Conservation Center
thanks Francesco!



▶ interesting article re music streaming: “I wanted people to see the difference between all of the services,” Keating said. “Down at the lower levels, no one knows what everyone else makes and no one knows what services pay. How can you make decisions if you don’t know what the numbers are?”

Bizzare isn’t it, that tech renders almost all profit for itself, before it drops a few crumbs to the artists…

Keating: “One alternative is a user-centric system, which means that if one user pays $US9.99 a month for Spotify Premium but only listens to independent cellist Zoë Keating, that user’s $US9.99 would be paid exclusively to Keating.”



▶ The alarming homogeneity of instagram travel photos: Hyperallergenic talk to InstaRepeat



▶ Applying digital effects to physical objects by Masashi Murakami



▶ Crunch Island = totally plausible module



▶ K-MIC is “a microphone and speaker system that you can put entirely in your mouth, that connects to a Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone or a recorder” – strange but fascinating to see what is available… ditto for the WAND-II, a through-the-wall listening device!



▶ “Aspect ratios have fluctuated throughout film history. Silents were generally shown at 1.33:1. But the addition of a soundtrack on the film strip cut into the available image area…. ” – wow I never realised the advent of sound also changed aspect ratio (for the better IMHO 4×3 feels like CRT TV to me)
That quote is from a film review of The Lighthouse (shot on Kodak 5222 Double X – hopefully will get to experience it in a cinema at NZIFF 2020






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