Detritus 511





▶ it really is a time of synth reissues: Korg re-release their MS20 full size (As a kid in the 80s I distinctly remember seeing the MS20 in the window of a music store on Colombo Street in Christchurch… Got a copy of the brochure & despite reading it a million times had no idea what or how to use an MS20… Years later my first two synths were an MS20 and a Sequential Circuits Pro One – sold both when I committed to sound editing & ceased all music for half a decade)



▶ NY Times: How to Stop Freaking Out and Tackle Climate Change – good, practical advice



▶ via designboom: a robot bird built using 40 pigeon feathers flies like the real thing
wow!!! this (Pigeonbot video doumentation) is amazing!!



i could live here, briefly….



▶ The 10 laws of simplicity



if only we could hear them: 24 manipulated musical instruments go on view in Berlin







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