Detritus 72

> 2011 has started with me seeing a film that I dearly wish I saw on celluloid when it was released, the year before last! (yes I am frowning at you NZ film distribution!) Go out of your way to see Dear Doctor by Miwa Nishikawa – such works of understated human beauty are rare….


> Incase you missed it, a great flowchart for electronic music – the numebr of genres it applies to really depends on how fast (or slow) you can read & sonify it!


> Cicada symphony


> Should you work for free? < - an infographic to help clarify your thoughts


> Great tune!


> Forget brainstorming


> Love these photos of overhead power lines – cartesian scores?




> Wish I was in Samoa now, with my mics on some kind of lightning isolation circuit – I’ve heard a few accounts now of the lightning storms that wake people from their slumber there, I shall record all night! Check the forecast: damp & zappy! Soon come….

Samoa weather


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