I was on the way back from recording the beach out at Makara, on the West Coast from Wellington and I staretd noticing this nasty screechy sound… WTF? Started to think my cars engine was about to seize but then came around the corner & there was a massive bulldozer, driving backwards & forwards over a newly cleared section where a house will be built! Of course I had to stop & record some of it, have a listen… (FWIW I’ve uploaded a 24bit/48k piece of the recordings to soundcloud – if you want a copy download here or if you really need the 96k files email me & we can do a swap or something)



I stuck around until the driver took a break & I had a bit of a yarn to him – he was full of stories, including one about how he was ripping some ground apart that had a lot of rocks in it & those big teeth on the back of it were creating sparks six inches long!! Those screechy tracks were so loud – I was quite relieved to see him wearing hearing protection… He mentioned the dozer was worth $700k and fair chews through the gas! I suggested I’d be calling him up next time I get a film with a Bulldozer like that in it & he could perform some stunts for me – “keen as!”






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