Dubstage Bingo?

A local TV3 comedy show 7 Days released this election night bingo card (PDF here) – is there a dubstage or mix equivalent? Comment if you have a common and/or dreaded occurrence to add to one:

– “We have a VFX update, but they said there was no sync change”
– Rerecording mixer checks Facebook
– Director reconceptualizes crucial moment (after months of design)
– “is that ADR?”
– “surely thats not final VFX??”

– “the picture is locked”
– “the reverb doesn’t speak to me”

John Morris
– “Is that the same as the Temp?”
– “Is that in sync”
– “Is that the take I chose?”
– Reboot the console
– Mixer tells a story about a previous show
– “Are you in dim?”
– “Could you play that again? I was on the phone.”


2 Responses to Dubstage Bingo?

  1. Lars says:

    “the picture is locked.”

    “the reverb doesn’t speak to me” – this is a real quote! no joke

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