Dusk, Rarangi



Travel Tip: for less than the cost of a crappy tiny motel room with thin walls & no style, you can easily rent great beach houses in seriosuly great locations (in NZ speak beach house = ‘bach’ or if in deep south ‘crib’)
If you’re visiting/travelling in NZ these two sites are invaluable: Book a Bach and Holiday Houses (and yes I know of air bnb, which is maybe useful in cities but a non starter by comparison locally)

These two photos were taken from my bach for two nights, approx 300m from this beautiful beach at Rarangi… and New Zealand being New Zealand, as soon as you mention what it is you do (field recording, photography etc) you instantly get access to local knowledge… which is invaluable!

both shots Canon 5DmkIII and Zeiss Distagon 21mm


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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing it music of sound.

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