I recently joined NZ PhotoForum which is a “non-profit incorporated society dedicated to the promotion of photography as a means of communication and expression. To that end we publish independent critical writing, essays, news and archival material on this website. We also maintain a book publication programme, and organise occasional exhibitions, workshops and lectures, including the PhotoBook/NZ festival.”

Could not be better timing as when joining they provide a free copy of the book above:
EMANATIONS – The Art of the Cameraless Photograph by Geoffrey Batchen.

I had read a review of the book by a random on Amazon whining about how the book does not include step by step instructions, which is frankly a moronic opinion as first the book does not claim to be a tutorial and secondly the works in the book are incredible and the result of considerable research, experimentation and experience by the artists. The kind of profound and inspiring work that could not (& should not) be turned into a step by step tutorial!?!




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