#FAIL better




Q: Is this a good photo or a BAD photo?
A: it is both


Today I was somehow invisibly tagged into a post on twitter,
alerting me to the fact that this was happening tonight:



Thats a trajectory of the International Space Station flying overhead just North of my house…
I’ve always wanted to shoot star trails, and kinda knew how, but had never tried.

So tonight I go set up my 5D3 with 50mm Zeiss lens focused on infinity
Shoot some test shots while there is still some light in the sky,
then set a timelapse rolling: shooting an 8 second exposure every 10 seconds
(folllowing the 500 rule: 500/50 focal length = 10 seconds = max exposure without blur)
Didnt see no MF ISS fly by, probably just fake news yo!
Did capture an AK>WN night flight that seems to be in 6/8

But I also did get to make my first ever star trail shot, as above.
Will do more, likely with stationary objects in the foreground
rather than waiting for Halleys comet etc…
Sucess 1, Fail 1, C’est la vie!

Free/donation-ware Star trail blendy app: StarStaX







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