Fall down X Get up X+1

In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm.
In the real world, all rests on perseverance.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I had a great reminder of both aspects of that Goethe quote this week.
I have been doing some concerted research on my next library recording project, and it culminated in me banging on the door of a fairly industrial companies front door, inspired & ready to do my best pitch to gain access to their yard, to record some very specific props.

Of course it requires after hours access and I was happily prepared to cover the costs of having someone supervise me, but what happened next sent me home in a foul mood. Someone opened the door & proceeded to stop me in every way possible. I hadn’t even had a chance to explain any of the details and she was already saying no. I soon realised what was happening, and realised it wasn’t going to happen & decided to annoy her.
Me: ‘Are you the owner?’
Her: ‘Um, no… they are upstairs’
Me: ‘OK I would like to speak to YOUR MANAGER, thanks’
Her: “Hrmpf…’
and off she goes…

I needn’t have stuck around, she came back a few minutes later & simply repeated her ‘no, no, no..’
All without even bothering to find out even the most basic details.
As far as mood swings go, I went from inspired & optimistic to ARG! in less than 3 minutes.
I drove home cursing her, her manager, their company & their ancestry….
I felt disappointed, frustrated & I started to doubt my inspiration – maybe this persons response was normal?

A day or so later and my attitude on the matter was back to inspired, enthusiastic & UNSTOPPABLE.
I had done more research & had a list of half a dozen companies with the same props, and if I had to,
I would work through them all, one by one. Until I found someone who ‘got it’ & saw the same potential that I do.

And here’s the funny thing, the very next attempt hit the jackpot. A young guy, co-owner of his own business. Noticed straight away how I was auditioning props.. ‘What are you going to use it for?’
Less than two minutes of explaining, I plugged decent headphones into my iPad and showed him one of the HISSandaROAR videos and he was more on to it than I was. He then proceeded to give me a sonic tour of their building; ‘this makes great sounds etc etc…’

I don’t like ending the day feeling defeated. But sometimes it happens – that person at the first company had no interest in what I was doing. Now I am not a meglamaniac & do not presume everyone should be interested in what I am doing. But I recognise curiosity a mile away, and if someone I meet doesn’t have any then I actually feel sorry for them – imagine a world where your life has led up to a point where you are no longer curious? I can not say this loud enough: FCK THAT! People like that are toxic, I want nothing to do with them & they do me a favour by self-identifying as fast as possible.


Moral/s of the story:

Enthusiasm (& falling in love with an idea) led me to meet person 1. If I had no perseverance my beautiful idea would have ended then & there. But, I DO have perseverance. I wont be stopped by some small minded dweeb with the imagination of a gnat.
Perseverance introduced me to person #2 and within 5 minutes he had introduced me to possibilities I had never even considered. I will go out of my way to repay this generosity of spirit beyond what could ever be expected. Giving someone some cash helps them in the short term but we all have skills that can help people long term. When its warranted best to do both!

The contrast in attitudes could not have been greater. But it all would have amounted to nothing without perseverance. It doesn’t matter if you get knocked down X times, as long as you get back up X+1 times!



In the realm of ideas, everything depends on enthusiasm.
In the real world, all rests on perseverance.


Thank you Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




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