Favourite Film Scores

This site has a list of its Top 100 film scores, but there isnt one on that list that I would include in my top ten… So what the basis for deciding what makes a top film score then? As with the Oscars it beats me, but it made me start thinking about my favourite film scores…
So if you had to name your 10 favourite film scores which would you include?

Heres ten of my favourites, as evidenced by frequent plays in my iTunes:
Tony Takitani by Ryuichi Sakamoto
Gerry by Arvo Part
Punch Drunk Love by Jon Brion
American Beauty by Thomas Newman (didnt realise he had scored WALL.E!)
Amores Perros by Gustavo Santaolalla
Traffic – Cliff Martinez
Apollo – Brian Eno
Fargo – Carter Burwell
Amelie – Yann Tierson
Me And You And Everyone We Know by Michael Andrews

Beauty being in the eye & ear of the beholder, whats some of your favourite film scores?

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