Favourite Osaka Camera Shop

While Yodobashi is an overwhelming large scale store for all sorts of technology, it can feel a little impersonal almost like a high tech supermarket, so it was super fun yesterday to re-find a camera store that my friend Ian introduced me to, many years ago….


I had a few attempts at finding it from memory, but finally resorted to this great google maps guide to camera stores in Osaka and of course there it was: Tokiwa Camera Store – as the link says it is a “good old-fashioned camera store. They have a large selection of used camera bodies and lenses, as well as a broad range of new lenses including rarer lenses from Zeiss and Voigtlander.”

Years ago I bought my first macro lens there, and when visiting yesterday discovered they had the entire range of Zeiss ZE lens for Canon EF cameras, so you know what that means right? I tried out the 50mm F2 MakroPlanar and compared it to the 50mm F1.4 Planar and ended up buying the latter (I already have the Canon 100mm macro lens) Its a beautiful lens with almost painterly bokeh – heres a shot of those autumn flowers I took with it:


The guys at Tokiwa Store were super friendly & helpful, it made me wish I had gone there first & bought the 21mm Distagon from them. I bought the obligatory lens protector for the Planar lens, and when I asked if they had a lens pouch to protect it while in my camera bag, they dug out this great old Nikkor leather lens case and included it for no charge.


The guy said that case is probably over 50 years old – like good lens they should last a life time, and a lovely antidote to disposable consumerism… I didn’t discover it until I got home & unpacked the bag but he also included a Tokiwa lens cloth and this great catalog from 1976!


Ever wondered what a Mamiya RB67 cost in 1976? or a Hasselblad 500c?



So awesome to see the massive range of Super 8 film cameras & projectors back then too



Tokiwa Store is a 5 minute walk from Nanba Station in Osaka, take your passport & you save sales tax/duty on any purchases… I will go take a few more photos next time I am over that way – so great to eg see half a dozen Hasselblad 500s for sale in the front window!



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  1. EstherT says:

    Thanks for the post! I’ll be heading to Osaka in 2 days’ time and was thinking of getting a film camera there. Do you happen to know the range of price for the cameras?

    • tim says:

      They have a huge range… and seemed reasonably priced – I mainly looked at Hasselblad 500 medium format cameras & took some photos of them with prices but thats meaningless unless thats specifically the camera you are looking for…

      • EstherT says:

        How much would those be?

      • EstherT says:

        I am actually looking for a basic film slr such as Pentax K1000. But am open to other options available too.

        • tim says:

          they list some film cameras on their site, with prices – use google translate

          if you aren’t looking for a medium format Hasselblad then its a waste of my time digging the year old photo out….

  2. John says:

    I will be visiting Osaka this spring and I was wondering if you could advise me a shop in Osaka to buy film? You didn’t mention if this camera shop also sells film (I guess they will; but where can I find the cheapest price?). Basically looking for tri-x 400, portra, superia… So nothing exotic. Any advice?
    I will be also visiting Kyoto and Nara.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Faran, i am planning to visit Osaka in next month, kindly help regarding used video lenses and Sony PMW EX3 cameras etc.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Henry Tie says:

    I googled Mamiya RB67 and was lead to your page. Do you by chance know the pricing and do they carry the brand?

  5. Jeff says:

    Do they do tax free?

  6. CH says:

    Hi Tim, would you know if they offer cameras with system instructions in English instead of Japanese?

    • tim says:

      if you mean the cameras OS for digital cameras, I haven’t found one yet that couldn’t be switched to english in the settings… best to verify at Yodobashi, they ahve every camera model available to try out

      if buying a film camera secondhand, its pretty easy to find an english PDF of manual online….

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