Field Recording – Castlepoint 2

Recording wind drafts approx 11pm – above photo was taken the next morning… The wind was hitting the front of the house and if I left the front slider door open a bit, and then opened the window the mics are pointed at a crack I ended up with this sound:


Then at half speed:
CASTLEPOINT WIND DRAFT half speed by timprebble

Then at quarter speed – I love the way the sub bass rolls/sweeps through the frequencies
CASTLEPOINT WIND DRAFT quarter speed by timprebble

A sidenote: I don’t know what algorithm soundcloud use to create their waveforms but it seems to crush all dynamic from the view, here is what the waveforms should look like (BTW have you noticed the waveforms in PT9.0.2 are much better? Apparently the waveforms are now 16 bit)

4 Responses to Field Recording – Castlepoint 2

  1. Nice, Tim. Way too much overused wind tracks out there. I noticed the SoundCloud waveform display problems as well. Kind of sucks when showing off your demo reel through that site if the listener isn’t truly listening.

  2. Enos Desjardins says:

    Nice sounding wind moans and whistles there Tim!

  3. tim says:

    Just noticed the sound of me closing the front slider door a bit – see timed comment in waveform above… at quarter speed its a very interesting sound!

  4. g.a.harry says:

    Odd that the two downpitched waveforms are pretty much identical but completely different from the raw one.

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