Field Recording: Piha & Muriwai

It rained & drizzled & rained all Saturday, so much so that Pihas Lion Rock occasionally disappeared



Frustrated at not being able to record the sounds I was here for, I reverted to shooting photos… but in the back of my mind I was thinking what if tomorrow is the same!?!









Thankfully woke up early Sunday morning & although the sky was still grey at least it wasn’t raining. Went for a dawn walk & shot this waveform/reflection:



Did a bit of recording round the rocks but nothing too startling, so then packed up & headed to Muriwai & wow!!!




Once the tide was coming in that sign was an understatement!




The sound of the ocean is very interesting when it is constricted – all that energy & force has to go somewhere, and in this rocky inlet known as The Gap I recorded a lot of big powerful wave crashes, with that lovely delay as the spray splashed on to the rocks in front of me.

Muriwai Waves by timprebble

But the most unusual sound I recorded at this location I found when I put my mic down into a crack in the rocks – it almost sounded like it was underwater, but when a wave smacked into the base of the rocks this is what I heard (although you really need to hear the 192kHz recording on decent speakers with a subwoofer!)


Muriwai waves through crack in rock by timprebble


I’m going to borrow a quote from a great interview with Richard Beggs because it sure applied to finding this sound: “A location reveals itself in unexpected ways” – amen, brother!

4 Responses to Field Recording: Piha & Muriwai

  1. Magnus says:

    Hi Tim,

    First of all; thanks for a fantastic blog -lots of very inspiring reading/listening!

    I had the same rumbling experience when sticking my blimp into hollows of a breakwater here in Malmö, have a listen at the bottom of the page if you wish:

    Keep up the good work,

  2. Lux_Seeker says:

    We have some nice breakwaters in NJ. You have inspired me to go catch some breakwater sounds.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey Tim,

    Nice photos. The first one reminded me of this short film I think you would enjoy:

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