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One of the ongoing projects I had originally thought of specifically for the interns but in hindsight realised it is better suited to wider involvement, is to select a movie from the list of everyone’s 5 favourite films for sound (which I will continue to update) and discuss the soundtrack to the film – both generally/thematically but also specifically, based on a timeline… I don’t plan to dominate with my opinions at all (although of course I will surely participate) but to elicit specific input from the people who voted for the film as to what is it that made them select it, and to then work through the soundtrack studying it. I can imagine watching the film again in a continuous run, paying specific attention to the soundtrack and then skipping through sections and scenes, being even more specific….

So which film to start this project? Wall E was the most popular film, so I guess we should start with it. And the first, most important thing is to insure we are all watching the same version of each film so I will start each new Film Sound study post specifying the version I am watching, the running time etc…
As far as Wall E goes, I first saw/heard it in a picture theatre so my first impressions & general comments are based on that experience, but I bought the 2 DVD set (primarily because it has a Ben Burtt interview) so I could enjoy it again later and also reference specific sequences…

So to verify, the DVD version of WallE I will be watching has 32 chapters, and chapter 32 (the credits) starts at 01.26.41 – before I start doing some basic timeline setup for this, could someone in another territory/DVD Region zone verify that? My DVD is PAL Region 4 so I’d be interested to know what the NTSC time is for the last chapter start. Thanks!

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