Film Sound Study 3+

As part of having virtual intern/s, I am in the process of restarting the Film Sound Study series… If you need a reminder of the what & how, here are links to previous such endeavours:

FILM SOUND STUDY 01: WALL-E by Andrew Stanton

So I’ve been giving some thought as to what films would be good to analyse and I’ve come up with a short list, which I’d appreciate input from you as to which we should pursue, and by ‘you’ I really mean those of you who might contribute to such a thing, as it does require homework i.e. owning the DVD/BR, watching it once, twice & more & maybe crawling through some scenes dozens of times…. So I’ll list the contenders in my mind below, please vote with your comments (and feel free to suggest others!)

Barton Fink – The Coen Brothers
Altered States – Ken Russell
The Sacrifice – Andrey Tarkovskiy
Anti Christ – Lars von Trier
The Thin Red Line – Terrence Malick
The Shining – Stanley Kubrick

ah so?

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