Finished Yet?

Found this link via which got me thinking about the recurring statements of how to decide something is finished….. heres what I extracted:

“I’m never 100% happy with any piece I’ve made, so in my eyes, no piece I have ever made has been finished. ”

Ok, fine but thats no help whatsoever.. its such an easy stance to take but at what cost? This one makes a little more sense:

“When any more would be too much and any less would be too little.


“I know a design is finished when every time I add something or adjust something it seems to get worse.”

hint: save your history, so you can revert to ‘better’ and ‘BEST’

Maybe this one is the moral of the story:

“A design is finished once it has accomplished the project goals.

What those goals are, varies depending on the nature of the design project – whether it’s client work or personal work, the audience you’re targeting, and others. Every project should have criteria that need to be met. Throughout the process you work to meet those criteria. Once they are met, you’re done. You need to build in stages into your design process where you are the critic. If you’re a constant skeptic you can’t create, but you need to build in time to analyze your design. Ask yourself questions. Is the design interesting? Does it communicate what we’re after here? Is the typography legible? Does it meet your goals? Run through a checklist in your head. A good designer is their own worst critic. Keep in mind though that you need to set reasonable limits on this process based on the end audience, deadline, and project scope. If you’re refining details that the audience won’t notice, then you’re pushing unnecessary pixels, and you’re hindering both your business and your clients.”

or; “It’s hard to tell when the piece is really finished, because you could fix and fix it forever.. When it looks good and everything is nicely together, you should save it and check it next day. That’s how you will notice if there’s something still what needs to be fixed.”

Now go read the rest, and tell me what makes most sense to you – I have lots of stuff to finish this week & the jury is out…

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