Found it!




▶ after spending a lot of time on google maps and google earth, triangulating distant objects today I managed to find the infamous Taupo tree! Cannot wait to see my XPAN longexposure!




4 Responses to Found it!

  1. Amir says:

    Hi, do you mind sharing the location of the tree? I’m looking for a Sunset location for tonight. Would appreciate your kind help

    • tim says:

      Sorry but I do mind – people live close to this site – imagine if it became like that Wanaka tree? But also if you cant be bothered doing the research yourself to find it then I personally don’t think you deserve to shoot the photo.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi, I also found it but it’s behind private properties, Did you asked permission from those houses to gain access?

    • tim says:

      If you found it how did you get there? I can think of three ways which do not require crossing private property. One is very obvious, the access is put there for that very reason. The other two would take longer but still on public property. Are you sure you found it? Sounds a bit fake, post a photo

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