GALE FORCE WIND Library Released!

OK my last library for the year is finished, released & available here & it is discounted until December 22nd! It is so difficult getting the size of these ambience libraries down, especially at 24bit 96kHz and recording with multiple mics/perspectives… GALE FORCE WIND is 7GB as 92 audio files, varying in length from 1 minute up to about 4 minutes…. While the big loud exterior winds are very useful, I am so glad to have lots of alternatives to the spooky wind drafts I’ve been relying on for quite a while/far too long! They really respond well to doppler processing for movement effects, and played subtlely via convolution verbs are very evocative for creepy interior ambiences….

The first two libraries of 2013 are going to be classic HISSandaROAR sound design libraries of epic proportions, but first, its time for a break! Thanks to everyone who has supported HISSandaROAR this year – I am working on a little Christmas present which will likely turn up in your inbox sooner or later – Happy Holidaze!

GALE FORCE WIND from tim prebble on Vimeo.

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  1. These winds are great, and mega-useful – thanks Tim!

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