Hackable transport?








(not my photos, sumimasen. credit below)


Form, yes.
Function is the question.
Wouldn’t it be great if “THE FUTURE” enabled e-powering a small car like this?
Batteries & drive train, restricted for city/small town use only (70kmph max)


In the mean time, it has a 2 stroke 500cc petrol engine ‘runs on the smell of an oily rag’
Bid on it here





2 thoughts on “Hackable transport?

    1. tim Post author

      Fantastic, thank you for sharing!

      I have a slightly crazy uncle who did similar a few years ago, with an ignoble Japanese car. Making it work very well, seemed less of a challenge than getting it certified as safe & roadworthy. Bureaucracy = the road to hell, paved with good intentions.

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