Happy Birthday

Do you remember turning 21? I can, but only just – everything back then was steam powered, and the internet really was a series of tubes… Well the closest anything got to being the internet back then was really an intranet: Ballintynes Department Store in Christchurch had one of those pressure powered pipe networks for sending receipts etc between departments, with a hiss and a roar!
Anyway its my oldest nieces 21st birthday today, so Happy Birthday Jessie! And I thought I’d post a couple of sounds which must only be a year or so younger than her, in fact I think they might be from her first birthday…

Jessie by timprebble

Too cute! The funny thing is, when I hear her laugh now I can still relate it to the giggle of the one year old in that recording!

A few years later I recorded her & her sister singing their favourite Dave Dobbyn song through irrigation pipes on their farm, but I’ll refrain from posting those, or I’ll never hear the end of it! But another sound I recorded with my nieces and nephews on the farm were some screams in an empty grain silo. I can’t remember which horror film I was working on at the time, but these ended up being part of some fright stings, and you can hear why: they are blood curdling!! There is something in the tonality & harmonics of such little people making such evil screams that was just perfect!

Kids scream in silo by timprebble

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Also relatedly, there is a great recording project by Tony Schwartz which documents the way his nieces Nancy voice changed over 13 years, check it out:

2 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. julie alp says:

    Spectacular Tim- there’s something both moving and slightly disturbing with the Nancy recording- not just the voice changing but way it’s more and more considered and moderated as she ‘grows up’. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Stephen Saldanha says:

    Haha that’s quite cute, I need to record my cousin’s soon to be one year old daughter when I fly back home.

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