Happy Birthday David!

Did he have any influence on you? If not, skip this post…. But if so name your two most influential iconic songs…. Here are my two:


Bowie (apparently) playing koto? Combined with Enos chordal drones & that tearing jet synth sound…



And I’ve ranted about the piano by Mike Garson in this song before – f.c.k.n.g_._g.e.n.i.u.s! not sure I even like the song that much, but that solo! OMFG!?!




Lastly, ten creative lessons from Bowie in Berlin and I would add #11 spend some time in Berlin! I’d also suggest you check out this great photo – the comment nails it: “£10 says Bowie doesn’t remember this”


Fripp, Eno & Bowie in Berlin


Happy 65th Birthday Mr Bowie-san! Please play more koto – we like it!


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