HISSandaROAR EDITIONS are long form, single take field recordings.

While HISSandaROAR Sound Libraries primary purpose is for use in soundtracks – films, TV, theatre, video games etc – EDITIONS are directly aimed towards listeners, specifically for use as:
• study or writing aid
• meditation or relaxation
• sleep aid for insomniacs
• for tinnitus sufferers
• a virtual holiday
• a traffic masker

When I need to focus & do some writing, I often find radio or music too distracting, but silence can also be distracting as it is so easily interrupted. For me, the ocean falls into that psychological middle ground of being present but also ignorable. And nothing makes me sleep better than staying in a beach house where I can hear the ocean.

EDITION 001 Palliser Bay was recorded at (surprise!) Palliser Bay, which is a location I have visited and recorded many times before, but never quite like this. I selected a part of the beach with an evocative swell and recorded for 90 minutes, using Sennheiser MKH8040 ORTF microphones and a Sound Devices 722T recorder.

Back in the studio I created four versions, each 60 minutes in duration:

1. Palliser Bay – waves close, 60 minutes duration
2. Palliser Bay – waves close, 60 minutes duration, slow fade starts at 30 minutes
3. Palliser Bay – waves distant, 60 minutes duration
4. Palliser Bay – waves distant, 60 minutes duration, slow fade starts at 30 minutes

The versions with fade outs are primarily intended for sleeping.

Each EDITION also comes with two 4k photos of the location (as per small version above), so you can use it as the desktop of your monitor or TV. Turn on the heater, hit play & zone out like you are virtually at Palliser Bay.

HISSandaROAR EDITION 001 Palliser Bay is now available at Bandcamp for US$5

I am slowly working towards an album release, and when I say slowly I mean there are glaciers receding faster than my progress… but some/any progress is better than none. And I am intensely interested in ‘the form of things’ and particularly interested in the form of my things, so this is a test, a low stakes, version 1 dry run for part of what might be. If there are shortcomings with a platform I do not want to discover them 2 weeks before my album is released…

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