HISSandaROAR Field Recording Competition Launch


1. Record and submit FIVE SOUNDS – one sound ONLY from each prop

2. The props: An apple, a pencil, a rubber band, a soda can, your hands.

3. Any microphone is allowed.

4. No processing is allowed other than gain.

5. Competition starts today and ends July 31.



1. Submit five 24bit 48k .WAV files (stereo or mono) – one sound for each prop

2. Name the files:

APPLE description XYZ
HANDS description XYZ
PENCIL description XYZ
RUBBER BAND description XYZ
SODA CAN description XYZ

where description = a short description of the sound
where XYZ = your initials

3. Include a text file with
– your name
– your email address
– the names of the sounds you submitted
– a photo of each prop, if possible

4. Upload the sounds, text file & photos to….




The overall WINNER receives a copy of HISSandaROAR COMPLETE 25
All 25 HISSandaROAR libraries = 150GB of creative sonic fuel!
(NOTE: includes libraries that do not exist yet!)

Ten runners up will receive a $150 voucher for HISSandaROAR Libraries

I will spend August checking out the submissions and will announce the winners August 31st



I’ll be thinking about these words as I listen to your recordings:
– performance
– uniqueness
– character
– fidelity
– resonance
– whats for lunch
– acoustics
– perspective
– etc

The entire essence of this challenge is to take something ordinary and use your creative skills to capture something extraordinary. Your access to technology wont impress me half as much as your ability to think (and hear) laterally!


Comments/discussion welcome!

39 Responses to HISSandaROAR Field Recording Competition Launch

  1. Kyle says:

    Just to make sure I have the rules clear, we can only generate “one sound ONLY from each prop.” That means that we can’t say, use a violin bow on the can or grate the apple with cheese grater. The prop can only interact with itself? Is that right?

    Additionally, are there restrictions on the quantity of the prop? For example, it has to be a single pair of hands – not a thousand people’s hands.

    Let me know if that’s right or wrong.

    • tim says:

      Firstly, I want to hear the prop – you can use a violin bow (or a hammer or your teeth or a car or a gun or a particle accelerator) on the can or apple or whatever, as long as I hear it & know its a can or apple or whatever…. If for example you blew up a can with a mortar, I would likely hear it and think: I can hear the mortar, where is the can?

      And re hands, it is ‘your’ hands, not ‘others’ hands – so the sound must originate from a recording of a single prop

      Also see comments here for more clarity

      “I think the point of the prop is that we should be able to recognise the prop in the final sound, so eg a pencil on a piano is mostly going to sound of the piano & not the pencil.

      re mics I think it should be one mic

      re resonance, this is definitely allowed – for the hands prop if someone delivers a hand clap recorded in the CERN particle accelerator building I think I would be fairly impressed, although thats presuming the reverb inside there actually sounds good”

  2. Jed says:

    Hi Tim
    I really want to take part in you’re competition however i only have very basic recording equipment available to me at the moment. In terms of mics I only have a dynamic microphone would this really be acceptable?

  3. HenriqueORB says:

    If I already recorded some with 192kHz

    can I convert to 48kHz without changing the sound (pitch/time/etc) ?

  4. sirenka17 says:

    I would also like to take part of this competition even
    though i don’t have properr recording device since i am
    programmer interested in sound creation.
    I plan to use my phone. Is this very optimistic?

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  6. Luis Retamales says:

    Hi, i have a question, what is the reason for sending stereo files if i can only use 1 mic per prop? i would like to use a direct mic and a ambient mic and mix it to make like re mic is going out of the room.

  7. Hi Tim, this sound fun – and difficult! I’m in…

  8. MG says:

    This will be well good fun. Everyone bring you A game!

  9. Marc says:

    Hi, I have a silly question… I’m not native english speaker, and… ¿what is a rubber band…??

  10. Collin Russell says:

    Can we use two microphones per sound (Stereo micing techniques such as XY or AB)

    Is Equalization allowed? or only preamp gain?

    Collin Russell

  11. Pedro TT says:

    Creative work in progress!

  12. Kai says:

    Where do we upload our sounds to?

  13. tim says:

    Upload info HERE

  14. Jesse says:

    Can I use more than one apple? or does it just have to be one apple?

    • tim says:

      One apple

      if you destroy ten apples to find a good sound thats ok, but as long as that sound was generated by using one apple

  15. Collin Russell says:

    Is the deadline midnight July 31st? or do all of the 31st to upload?


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