HISSandaROAR Field Recording Competition UPLOADS

Just a quick update with upload details for the competition

1. Check your naming of files is correct (as below)
2. Put your .WAV files, photos and text file into a folder with your name
3. Zip it, verify the file is called YOURNAME.zip
4. Upload it using ftp
5. Add a comment to this post once your upload is completed, include the name of your upload in the email

NOTE: you will need to use an ftp app like CyberDuck, Transmit, Fetch etc

FTP details:

ftp address:




1. Record and submit FIVE SOUNDS – one sound ONLY from each prop

2. The props: An apple, a pencil, a rubber band, a soda can, your hands.

3. Any microphone is allowed.

4. No processing is allowed other than gain.

5. Competition starts today and ends July 31.



1. Submit five 24bit 48k .WAV files (stereo or mono) – one sound for each prop

2. Name the files:

APPLE description XYZ
HANDS description XYZ
PENCIL description XYZ
RUBBER BAND description XYZ
SODA CAN description XYZ

where description = a short description of the sound
where XYZ = your initials

3. Include a text file with
– your name
– your email address
– the names of the sounds you submitted
– a photo of each prop, if possible

4. Upload the sounds, text file & photos to….
(I will update this post next week, with details for upload)



The overall WINNER receives a copy of HISSandaROAR COMPLETE 25
All 25 HISSandaROAR libraries = 150GB of creative sonic fuel!
(NOTE: includes libraries that do not exist yet!)

Ten runners up will receive a $150 voucher for HISSandaROAR Libraries

I will spend August checking out the submissions and will announce the winners August 31st



I’ll be thinking about these words as I listen to your recordings:
– performance
– uniqueness
– character
– fidelity
– resonance
– whats for lunch
– acoustics
– perspective
– etc

The entire essence of this challenge is to take something ordinary and use your creative skills to capture something extraordinary. Your access to technology wont impress me half as much as your ability to think (and hear) laterally!


Comments/discussion welcome!

66 Responses to HISSandaROAR Field Recording Competition UPLOADS

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  2. Willem says:

    Willem Sannen contributed to the HISSandaROAR competition with the Willem Sannen.zip file.

  3. Jim Ollivier-Berthou says:

    my sounds are on the ftp !

    good luck for the listenning !

  4. Matt Dichirico says:

    Uploaded. Thanks for doing this competition Tim!

  5. Kai says:

    File Name is KWP – SFX.zip

  6. Files are on the FTP!


  7. Kyle says:

    Done and done. ^^

  8. Hi Tim,

    I have just UPLOADED my ZIP file (FABIOGARCEZ.zip). Hope you got it.

    Best regards,


  9. Stefan Kovatchev says:

    Hello Tim –

    My submission materials have been uploaded.

    Thank you,

  10. Richard Savery says:

    Hi Tim,
    Just uploaded my file to the ftp, upload was called – RICHARDSAVERY.zip

    Thanks for running the comp, was alot of fun.

  11. Hello Tim,

    I’ve uploaded my folder, named “RAQUEL LUIS.zip” to the ftp!
    Thank you for doing this competition! I am very curious to listen to the sounds recorded by the other competitors! 🙂
    I’m kind of a beginner in the field of recording sfx, so this was a great challenge for me!

    Raquel Luís

  12. Robin says:

    just uploaded 🙂

  13. Andrew Ing says:

    I have uploaded my submission!

    ANDREW ING.zip

  14. Giorgio Ferrari says:

    Hi Tim,

    My upload is completed, the name is “GIORGIO_FERRARI.zip”

    Giorgio Ferrari

  15. Hi Tim,

    My upload is completed, the name is “Javier Zumer.zip”

    Best regards,

  16. Manuel Eisl says:

    Files are on the FTP!

    I really hope it’s still the 31st in NZ!^^

    All the best,

  17. MikeQuell says:

    My stuff is up, Tim. I sent you an email as well.

    Thanks for doing this!

    -Mike ‘Quell

  18. Justin Doyle says:

    Hey Tim,

    Upload Complete,



  19. Hi Tim. Last second upload. Done ! ANDREASUSENBENZ.zip
    Thanks for this really nice competition. I really love such things. It makes people think about things in a more special way. Have fun listening to all this stuff!

  20. Uploaded. File name: Samuel C Richards.

  21. Dillon Bennett says:

    Hi Tim

    Uploaded – file is called DillonBennett.zip


  22. Teis Syvsig says:

    Upload done. “TEIS SYVSIG 5props.zip”.

    Cheers Teis

  23. Collin Russell says:

    Hey Tim. Upload Complete. Thanks a lot.

  24. HenriqueORB says:

    upload completed.



    • HenriqueORB says:

      oh sh*t
      different time zones..
      I’m on
      WEST (European time zone) = July 31, 2013 at 9:45 pm
      offset: UTC + 1 hour

      belive this site is
      NZST (Pacifican time zone) = August 1, 2013 at 8:45 am
      offset: UTC + 12 hours

      Loved It this fantastic competition

  25. tim says:

    Dont panic anyone – the deadline is when the last country ticks over to Aug 1st!

  26. tim says:

    Also to confirm, I have received uploads from:

    Andrea Russell-Jordan
    Daniel Reza
    David Cabrero
    Erik James Illera
    Guillermo Perez-Ordonez
    Jeff Harwell
    Joshua Villalpando
    Larry Molinar
    Matt Parker
    Moises Garcia
    Paul Love
    Randy Marquis Turley
    Robert Burt
    Toddi Adair
    Troy Rashaad Watson
    Tyler Luera

    downloaded & decompressed, thanks!

  27. Just uploaded my entry on the FTP from the eastern US where it’s still July 31 for another 6 hours and 20 minutes. Thanks! Hope we get to hear everyone’s entries after the judging . . . ?

  28. Simon Lebel says:

    My sounds are on the FTP.
    Thanks for organizing this competition!



  29. Jeff says:

    Uploaded – thanks!

  30. tim says:

    Also confirming uploads by
    Daniel Clay
    Larry Molinar

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