HISSandaROAR Field Recording Competition WINNERS!

As per the field recording competition launched last month we received a lot of excellent entries, and I mean A LOT! But what was surprising is that there wasn’t one clear winner. Literally everyone who entered the competition captured good recordings of the five props (an apple, a pencil, a rubber band, a soda can, your hands) but making a good recording was just one aspect of what I was after. So I worked my way through all of the recordings tagging individual sounds that appealed to me. For some props there were a LOT of great contenders eg for rubber band and soda can there were maybe a dozen uniquely great characterful recordings, whereas for pencil and apple and hands there were plenty that did the obvious but few that had really imaginative creative ideas behind them.

So, before I announce the winners I need to announce a change to the prize structure; originally I offered a single grand prize of COMPLETE 25 along with 10 x $150 vouchers, but as there is no one overall winner I have decided to redistribute the prizes amongst all the winners…. So each of the 21 winners listed below win a prize of a US$200 HISSandaROAR voucher.

If you entered and your name does not appear, please don’t be too disappointed – as I said, all of the entries were good and most were very good. But these were the people who captured excellent sounds, sounds that made me smile or feel momentarily elated or perplexed or challenged or who inspired me. Or made me think: HOW DID THEY RECORD THAT!?

HISSandaROAR Field Recording Competition WINNERS:

Andreas Usenbenz
Andrew Ing
Billy Wirasnik
Collin Russell
Daniel Clay
Giorgio Ferrari
Henrique Brion
Javier Zumer
Jim Olivier-Berthou
Jeff Conary
Justin Doyle
Kai Wolf Paquin
Manuel Eisl
Mike Niederquell
Paul Love
Raquel Luis
Richard Savery
Robin Fencott
Samuel C Richards
Stefan Kovatchev
Teis Syvsig

So the procedure from here: if you are one of the winners, I would like to make a series of follow up posts, one for each prop, and include the winners recordings along with some comments from each person about how and why they approached the recording the way they did. It was really inspiring to hear the range of approaches taken, so I think it would be great to share. I will be in touch with each winner, to request permission to include their sound/s, photo and some comments…. AND to find out which prize libraries you would like!

Congrats everyone and especially congrats to these top twenty one field recordists!

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  4. Congratulations to all the field recordists! 🙂

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