HISSandaROAR Sound Design Challenge

We’ve just launched a sound design challenge over at HISSandaROAR and it is quite an interesting challenge…. Check out the short mute video below, and go download the video and HISSandaROAR TestPot HERE – the deadline for entry is June 1st so you have about 2 weeks…

The prize is a free copy of next HISSandaROAR Library: SD030 NOISE SOURCE which you could almost consider a sister to the EMF Library we released previously… Anyone who has played with synths will appreciate what can be achieved with just a noise generator as the only source so I have been capturing every noise source I can think of and access, from modules to synths to vinyl and tape to a collection of multiband radios, televisions, circuit bent musical instruments and other electronic devices…

I plan to give away at least ten copies of the new library, but I would be very happy to give away many more than that if the entries impress me….

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