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I’ve never quite understood the point of posting photos of ‘unboxing’ especially when you know exactly what is inside is mass produced & exactly like every other such thing… But every rule has an exception (or something) so apologies… but here goes what could be considered an unboxing, as this very well packed box arrived in my POBOX, all the way from the UK – thanks to the guys at Sphere Music & a quirky little gadget I managed to buy at their last VEIMA auction….


Completely unexpected, inside all the bubble wrap was the cutest little leather suitcase I’ve ever seen – measured about six inches square….


& inside it…



I put a new 9V battery in it, plugged it into my mixer & started simultaneously tweaking & hitting it…. all while grinning like an idiot..


this little drum synth makes some seriously great sounds!


According to this post on Matrixsynth the HUMDRUM was made in the 1970s and they are very rare with less than 50 ever being made – mine has a handwritten label on the bottom: E0028 – is it number 28??? And funnily enough HUMDRUMs are housed in an off-the-shelf Tupperware container! Imagine what this little drum has seen & heard in its 30+ years of life!

Note: it makes some quite subby bass sounds, so best listen on decent speakers!

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  1. I’m curious what this sounds like. Will you post a YouTube video of it being played some day?

  2. chad says:

    Looks awesome! I have an affinity for the rare and bizarre. Let us know how it sounds, video or audio snippets.


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