Hyogo Museum of Art


Visited the Hyogo Museum of Art in Kobe today (designed by Tadao Ando) and saw two great exhibitions: Noritake Kinashi 1994-2014 and Visual Deception II: Into the Future – the latter was a fascinating collection of works spanning centuries with the common them of optical or perceptual illusions. While it included works by well know artists such as Escher and Dali, it also included a lot of work I had never seen, the best imho was what could only be described as a grand piano which had been deconstructed, but when viewed at the right perspective and via a massive mirror appeared perfectly normal, but look back at the real physical sculpture and it was like some bad acid! It was nicely set up so that you first saw the deconstructed piano & then the reflection was revealed…..

update: found it online, Underground Piano by Shigeo Fukuda


Another great work was Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin which at first glance appeared to be a large pixelated display – as people moved in front of it, a pixelated version was displayed on a large screen. But getting closer it became apparent the display was actually made of wood squares & each was moving to change colour by angling to reflect light or be shaded from it – this video illustrates it better than my description:

One of the entrances to the gallery is the stairwell above, and once we had overloaded on art, we spent an hour wandering back into Kobe for dinner, so I could shoot some photos & test out my new lens.. That photo above is kind of beautiful in its symmetry – someone commented on FB that it looks like a cochlea – but the reality is that the photo above was about the tenth as I tried to find a way to simplify it – this was the first photo, overwhelmingly complex:


In learning this new Zeiss lens one thing I wanted to test was its ‘bokeh’ (wikipedia defines bokeh as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”) so I suspect a few people were wondering why I was focusing on apparently blank walls etc… These were all shot hand held & wide open @ F2.8




Walked past this place which at first I thought was from a Cronenberg movie, turned out the name gave it away: Gravity Research = indoor rock climbing


This wasn’t handheld – I stopped down to F22 and put my 5D on top of a fence to get a stable longer exposure….


Super happy with this lens & feel like the more I use it the more I am going to love it!

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