“I am sitting in a tank…”

Tank-FX is back online so if you didnt check it out first time round now is your chance.

Billed as a ‘non-virtual’ plugin, basically Tank FX is a large echo chamber that you can upload sounds to & then wait as they are played into the reverbant space, re-recorded & then converted for you to download. How large scale? Well the chambers are two concrete water tanks 11m high and 7m in diameter.

The system is run on a unix server & makes use of two JBL Control one speakers and a pair of Rode NT-5 mics. I thought I’d give it a try & as per the title of this post I used the first sentence from Alvin Luciers work; ‘I am sitting in a room’ (TankFx has a 60 second limit) A wikipedia explanation of Luciers work is here and via ubuweb here is a 1961 recording of the work:

download 1961 mp3

And here are the TankFX versions
(not sure why the processed versions are left heavy)

clean mp3

TankFX iteration 1 mp3

TankFX iteration 2 mp3

TankFX iteration 3 mp3

TankFX iteration 4 mp3

TankFX iteration 5 mp3

TankFX iteration 6 mp3

3 Responses to “I am sitting in a tank…”

  1. Dan says:

    Maybe the tank on the right was full of water that day.

  2. e dixon says:

    theres another place that does something kinda like this …called silophone ..silophone.net i think

  3. dave romero says:

    hey! got me another cool music blog. tom at waveformless mentioned this post.

    I had completely forgotten about tank fx, meant to try it once Thx for bringing it up!

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