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Spent a blissful few hours today visiting a group exhibition at the Dojima River Forum – the chance to experience one of Ryoji Ikedas work was the immediate incentive and while I’d seen photos of this work actually experiencing it was quite something!


Overhead was an array of very powerful projectors and as long as you followed the instructions to remove your shoes, you were welcome to sit in the path of Ikedas data manipulations…




What isn’t apparent in photos is the flow of data and images – it intrigued me that the audience slowly gravitated to face the direction of movement, and while large scale effects were quite simply mind blowing, when you focused on the imagery immediately surrounding (& projecting on to) you it became more meditative…




Exhibition ends in six days (Aug 30th)

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  1. Kirke says:

    Love Ryoji Ikedas work. Its just so PinSharp

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