Industrial Tokyo


Had a GREAT day recording, with much thanks to the research & driving skills of Hide Aoki!
First stop was a machine that eats metal for breakfast, in Kawasaki, Tokyo….



Then at the end of a no exit (& therefore no through-traffic) location, during lunchtime break, some nice diffuse ambiences…


But after a few drive bys around this block we hit the jackpot – a factory with some heavy machinery pounding out rhythms which by my count seemed to be in 14 pulse cycles, heavy enough to make the concrete we were standing on vibrate!


With their windows open the sounds were spilling out into the street… and into our microphones. At one point a bemused worker stuck his head out the window, I pointed at my ears & gave the thumbs up, he laughed, we didn’t get asked to leave, 1-0 for sign language!


Then into the middle of a huge clearing, surrounded by factories on one side & construction of factories on the other – all distant & diffuse enough to be beautifully complex….


Driving back into Tokyo at night was such a buzz – I’ve visited Tokyo many times before but always via trains. It feels like a different city from a car! Captured these familiar waveforms while shooting long exposures with my 5D on the dashboard… traffic sine waves?


sumimasen, you’ll have to wait to hear the recordings – not enough hours in the day, to load, edit & upload them…


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