Industrial Tourism in Timaru

During the holidays while I was down south me & my parents went for a drive down to Timaru, a port town with a great swimming beach – this panorama is your typical summers day in Timaru at Caroline Beach


Afterwards we went for a drive around the port, amongst some of the old industrial buildings that are the towns heritage



This great old brick factory building reminded me of my youth in Christchurch, going to parties at the Old Mill – a similar high rise old brick building which had been partly converted into warehouse living space…
I presumed the Old Mill was history due to the earthquakes, but this news item from 2012 lists it as a category 2 historic place so it will be saved and Google maps street view shows it is still standing:


Ah the memories of that place!!

Anyway back to Timaru… we drove further into the industrial area, surprised it wasn’t all fenced off!


And there it was, my favourite new/very old echo chamber!


I paced it out & it was about 15m long, and as its made of solid steel it didn’t take much to coax some beautiful resonating sounds from it – have a listen:

It made me wish I had my full record rig with me, these were recorded with Sony D100 and it can hardly cope with the attack or the low frequencies… Heres the same files backwards:

Strongly suspect I will revisit this prop, I’ve got a road trip down south planned for later in summer & I get the impression this echo chamber isn’t going anywhere…


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