It NEVER snows in Miramar!



Well, there goes that theory! We were warned but when I know it hasn’t snowed in the previous XX years I don’t tend to believe the predictions…. I noticed ongoing thunder & thought hmmm… I’m usually editing thunder rather than wondering where it’s coming from… then I noticed the sound of seagulls, walked outside my studio & there were a dozen seagulls flying in circles, sqwawking – if seagulls can look disorientated, then these were…. and then the thunder got closer, MUCH closer – grab a mic & hit record… and wait… two HUGE window rattling thunder/lightning strikes, first one hit one red LED on my 722, turned down a little before the second one… Thunder is so rare and unpredictable in New Zealand it was great to record two big strikes – have a listen, recorded in a hurry while it was snowing/hailing… with my Sound Devices 722 running at 192kHz and Sanken CSS5 mic….


MIRAMAR THUNDER by timprebble






2 Responses to It NEVER snows in Miramar!

  1. Really nice Tim. I really dig the depth of the groaning thunder towards the end of that file. Really nice.

    • tim says:

      like all thunder the recordings capture about 10% of the physicality of it – the bottom end of the real thing was quite freaking scary!

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