Its a book AND a sign


I dont want to start sounding like ‘the planets have aligned, QUICK! Break out the crystals…’ or whatever… but when I randonmly book a bach to stay in, specifically to shoot photos of shipwrecks, and this book is sitting in the bookcase, I can only interpret it as the universe gently suggesting its a good idea to pursue this project… I didn’t need any encouragement, but its always appreciated… thank you Universe!

I have always had a deep respect for the sea & for those who sail on it, the depth of local knowledge & acquired skill that is a prerequisite… But it stunned me to learn there have been over 2,000 shipwrecks in/near New Zealand in the very short history of this young country! And every one of them has a fascinating back story… The ocean was the only way to travel back then, and now its planes that fall out of the sky that we lament… The only common factor? Some ships (& some planes) simply disappear, never to be found or heard of, ever again…


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