Its fate!




I’d imagine a few people would immediately know what this is…
To be honest I could not believe it when I saw it!
I am no hippy – more of an existentialist than a believer in fate etc
but some coincidences are beautifully delivered and this was surely one!

As you may or may not know, and may or may not care I have been working
for the last month or so, recording a library of WIND IN TREES…
I’ve completed a lot of fairly epic long form multitrack recordings in a range of forests
and more recently have been recording a lot of spot elements,
eg burying a pair of DPA 4060 lavaliers in long grass
and lying down listening to the wind like I am insect..

One of my hobbies as is probably apparent is stalking junk stores
and online auction sites for music and sound props…
There are categories that I can kinda auto scan and usually,
99 times out of 100 there is nothing of interest…
But when i am deep into a subject sometimes I find things
which might not otherwise be attributed to the subject…

In this case I could not believe my eyes!
So as I said I have been recording wind for the last month
and the other day scanning one of TradeMe topics and OMG!
A wind machine is listed!
These are also known as an aeoliphone or a friction idiophone, and the last time
I heard one was in a demo by Ben Burt – this vid is all great but I cued it to 6.52

So yeah… my old school wind machine arrives today!
I asked the seller if he knew the history of it, but sadly he didn’t…

How weird though – if one of these came up for sale any time in the last 10+ years
I would have seen it & bought it. But it didn’t… and I couldn’t, right until now!





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