Journey of the Pacific Golden Plover



The Pacific Golden Plover “breeds annually on the Arctic tundra of Siberia and Alaska. It is one of around 40 Arctic breeding wading bird species that migrate south to Australasia and Oceania, some of which fly over the Pacific Ocean and spend the austral summer in New Zealand. They fly in “V” formation flocks non-stop from Alaska to Hawaii, and then onwards to other Pacific Islands including New Caledonia and Fiji, some continuing on to New Zealand”

via FB: “The GPS data show JoJo (a Pacific Golden Plover) flew 4740.73km non-stop, from Tokamachi in Japan to the Yukon Koskokwim Delta, and for the main part of the journey travelled at an average speed of 53.1kph, flying for 84.66 hours. Before that JoJo flew 9,990 from Pukorokoro, NZ to Odawara on Honshu, then made a 213KM hop to Tokamachi. If I’ve added up correctly that’s a total of 14,943km”

How freaking incredible!!

Did you know birds can sleep while they fly?
So maybe when you have dreams of flying you are actually tapping into your prehistoric bird brain…
Then again, maybe not.





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