Kaossilator Scales….

A few friends have been borrowing my Korg Kaossilator & rather than risk them ‘misplacing’/losing my owners manual I point them here for a PDF of the manual… but I havent been able to find a PDF copy of the little card that comes with the Kaossilator listing the various scales & arpeggiator/gate patterns available on it, so I scanned it & here it is, click the image to display a large version (& the aforementioned PDF explains how to change scales/arpeg/gate patterns)

or a link to CNTRL click & Save As….

& ditto for Arpegiator/gate patterns:

or a link to CNTRL click & Save As….

And if someone would like to program a bunch of presets for the Scale MIDI plug in Ableton LIVE for each of the above settings I would be forever indebted…. if you do it, please, please email me a link!

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  1. Tim Scott says:

    Thanks kindly for providing those images…a friend sold me his Kaoscillator for a few dollars and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it…but he did not have the manuals. I found the main one on line but as you point out it did not include the scale and arpeggiator info.
    Best regards…
    Tim S

  2. NK says:

    Thank you, this was really handy!

  3. Bobluous says:

    Thank you! Super handy đŸ™‚

  4. rĂ¼diger says:

    oh boy
    from germany


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