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that YIPPEE! sticker reflects current mood alright!



This is the second time I have used Ponoko but the first time I didn’t even know it. Back when I wanted to build a large case for my modular synth Mathew Goike kindly allowed me to license his design for a 15U x 1-4HP main case and a matching 6U skiff, so I could have it built locally using native wood and thereby avoid the freight costs of shipping something so huge & heavy from the USA to NZ.
He sent me technical drawings for everything but one day another package arrived and it was labelled from Ponoko… It turned out to be templates laser cut from MDF for the beautiful curves on his case! At the time I was really impressed with the idea and especially that the two countries that have Ponoko are USA and NZ, so Matthew could upload his design files and have them laser cut in NZ & delivered locally… At the time I also thought I must make some time to do some experiments and learn how to predictably design and have some laser cutting done myself…
Years pass…



One of the things I am experimenting with recently has been my PolyEnd PercPro robot drummers… When I got them I knew three would not be enough, but could not afford more… Then DaDa Machines launched on Kickstarter and I decided to fund a full setup with 12 solenoids (an octave!) and only recently have I really started playing with them…
The setup I bought came with a collection of very nifty laser cut solenoid holders, which you glue together and as I experimented with them I soon realised I wanted more and thankfully the design files are published on github, via the dadamachines forum here
And today the above package arrived! YIPPEE!

Next step = design my own




this is quite beautiful:



ps: its odd how most of the music I have heard made with robots is so quantized, as in tick tock, on the beat like a metronome… I will shoot some video of my setup over the holidays and rest assured there will be snare rushes! My three Polyend beaters are currently attached to (1) snare (2) pipe band bass drum (3) kick drum with spring… and even with these three it is really hypnotic to have them play assymetrical beats… So why all the tick tock!?!



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