Launch recordist wanted

I was chatting with a friend (& very clever artist/film maker) this evening & he mentioned he is filming a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral on the morning of April 10th!! I wish I could be there to help but the 15+ hour commute is a bit of a limiting factor… He has arranged special access to the launch and has a multiple camera shoot sorted, but we were discussing options for capturing sound & I thought/said: ‘surely there is someone relatively local, who is a recordist & who would be keen for the experience/sounds etc’

So if you happen to live in Florida, have some decent recording gear/appropriate microphones and were interested, fire me an email at & I’ll put you in touch (I want to hear the results!!)

Expedition 33 Soyuz Launch

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  1. Tom Todia says:

    This is great, I submitted my information to your email Tim. Thanks for sharing, it would be a great opportunity!

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