Lulu Monde


Visited my favourite junk store – Overflow in Mayfield (where I got my marimba) and apart from 5 or 6 great sound props also scored this beautiful Lulu Monde battery/AC powered turntable – what a design classic! Wonder if I can record an impulse response through its little speaker… hmmm… anyone ever released an impulse response frequency sweep on vinyl?


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  1. Adam says:

    I’m pretty sure you can find vinyl FX. A dance rise won’t do it , but you could probably find some gunshots for the hard transient method. But those will have their own reverb on them, messing up your response. I wonder if you could cut a notch in the infinite loop section at the end of a record and that would serve as your transient. You could also just disconnect the internal preamp from the player, and wire that into a DJ mixer, then run your sweep through that.

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