Visited my favourite bookstore UNITY BOOKS when I was in town the other day & grabbed these two great books, I was kind of hoping the Unified Field book might have been photos but when I got them to take the plastic wrap off so I could have a look turned out its a book of his paintings and they are quite incredible, I wont post photos of them, doesn’t do them justice, but what a wild imagination he has…
While I was checking it out the super helpful guy at Unity got me the smaller book to have a look at too: Lynch on Lynch, by Chris Rodley – I wasn’t planning on getting it but after having a quick skim read I couldn’t help myself as it is fascinating & reads like a conversational Q&A with a chapter centred on each film, as well as chapters on his other works (photography, painting, building sheds etc) Suspect it will prompt a retrospective David Lynch film festival via my BluRay player!

LYNCH ON LYNCH by Chris Rodley


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