Making a robot speak

I have a project where I need to have a robot speak text,
what options/approaches are there?

– mac text to speech still exists so I could record it
– record a human reading the lines, direct them & then process their voice
– what else?

I’ll collect up all the replies (Twitter/FB/DS/etc) and post them





Not for this robot…

These ones:

A recording of their current english voices (& me, trying to make it easy for the voice recognition)

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  1. I second Plogue Alter Ego, or the more robust Chipspeech. Whereas I have made great efforts to minimize my plugin collection, Chipspeech is one plug that is unique and can’t really be replicated elsewhere. Thanks all you do!

  2. Martin Wheeler says:

    Was also going to suggest Chipspeech. Also, depending on what sort of robot you want, using something like Zynaptiq Pitchmap, Melodyne or even Autotune to process the output of Chipspeech, Siri, Mac speech to text, or even just a human talking a little robotically ( as in the “Humans” tv series) can give great results. Autotune is pretty recognisable, but that might be what you want, while Pitchmap can create very different and, to me, satisfying, results,, depending on how you tweak it – Setting all input notes to output the same output note and then screwing around with the ‘big ball’ parameters until some interesting setting comes up – lots of great stuff in there …

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