Max for Live

This video shows how Max has been integrated into Live 8, and as with most demoes it makes it all look so easy, but the two questions I have are:

1. What are the ongoing stability issues – I have used Pluggos and Max/MSP/Jitter for a bunch of years, and issues can easily arise with keeping plugins developed in Max stable as the host program development progresses… for example Pluggo no longer works in ProTools 7.4 and maybe now we know why; Cycling 74 have been too busy working on integration to another platform, namely ableton LIVE… If things get wiggy with Ableton, their tech support can always say: “please do not use that pluggo you developed etc” but if you have already become dependant on it in a piece of music that isnt the solution you want to hear…

2. Quick someone, develop a 5.1 panning/routing system in Max for Live.

I am sure the advantages far outweigh any concerns. Ableton LIVE has always been a very stable platform with a huge, very active userbase & inevitably there will be a huge growth in the number of people using Max solely due to this development. Even people who say ‘huh? I dont get it/want it’ might well change their minds when someone develops a pluggo for Max for LIVE that they simply need. For me it will first be that 5.1 panner, for some a step sequencer or maybe seamless integration of a new hardware/controller…

Just because you can program with Max for LIVE does not mean you will have to. The same is true of Reaktor & I would suspect a significant part of the market for Reaktor never unlock & edit an ensemble ever, let alone make their own from scratch.

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