MaxforLive is Go!

I don’t usually post too many software announcements – there are plenty of other great sites for such things (eg KVR/ProTooler/CDM etc) but this one is too big to not comment on! My copy just finished downloading (Live 8.1 incl MaxforLIVe = 650MB download) so I will have a play tonight, but in the meantime there’s a great introductory article on the cycling 74 site; the edit button has been pressed which draws attention to many of the projects & applications already underway….


Purple wizards aside, the immediate good news for Pluggo owners is that 40 of the existing plugs have been updated & ported to ship with MaxforLIVE – fingers crossed that includes some of my favorite granular plugins! A couple of years ago I made some seriously gnarly electricity sounds for a film by processing arc welder zaps through the Wheat pluggo… Have a listen:

[audio:|titles=zaps through wheat pluggo]

As an entirely passive user of MaxforLIVE you will be getting access to a rapidly growing number of new devices, but as the title of that cycling 74 article suggests the power of that simple little EDIT button is where the revolution begins. Robert Henke sums it up eloquently in this interview: “..people will come up with ideas which totally exceed what any one of us ever imagined people would do” and THAT is whats exciting: the immediate benefits are great, but just imagine how much the landscape will have changed 12 months from now…

For anyone who has never used Max/MSP it is deep, but one of the best aspects about learning it is the inline help, eg say you want to use a grid module in LIVE, you select it from the library & get info on it. You are then presented with a display of its attributes, which you can edit…. The same goes for a working Max patch, switch to edit mode & you can dissect and/or modify any element of the patch, again using inline help when you strike something you do not understand. Its not a dissimilar situation to tweaking eg a WordPress theme using CSS – I don’t know enough CSS to create a website, but I can find the elements I want to tweak & if necessary learn about their use & parameters before experimenting with them via trial & error…


And a rumour via twitter “I hear there is to be a Max for Live runtime soon, from what little I know, this could be very important.” – agreed! A whole new community will develop & inevitably (as with Pluggo) some plugins won’t be free, so a runtime version will open that community to people who have no interest in the edit button…

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  1. I’m curious to get my hand on it – mainly to help adapt my control surface to how I work, and experiment on the principles of sound design I’ve learn in The Computer Music tutorial for example.

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