Coming up next on HISSandaROAR is a library I’ve been recording intensively for the last few months, but which I started collecting props for mid 2014… Apart from now owning a vintage Meccano collection and a Mamod steam engine, one of the other benefits has been learning about cnc routers, laser cutters & 3D printers via recording at the Wellington Maker Space – I’m definitely going to attend a few workshops there to learn how to format designs for output – serious fun….

Huge thanks to Tom Scott-Toft, Vicki & Maya Haydock, Brockelsby Metal, MakerSpace Wellington and Super Colour for access to awesome props! Library should be out mid next week!


2 Responses to MECHANISM

  1. Craig says:

    These sound great Tim. I have been recording a bunch of similar mechanical sounds over the last few months and coming up with some great props but, due to inexperience and limited gear, often struggling to capture the sound quite right… yours of course sound immaculate even in the demo! And that little steam engine looks awesome 🙂

  2. Jon Clark says:

    It just makes me want to spend the next week in my garage with the door shut (and the recorder running). Thanks for the inspiration.

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