Melody Farm

My two sisters (and five of my nine nieces & nephews) live in Pukerua Bay, the next suburb over from my place in Plimmerton. And knowing me & my obsessions as they do, they always let me know when they are doing something I might be interested in, which is why this afternoon I got to go visit an audio museum by the name of…


The lovely elderly couple who own Melody Farm have done so for 50+ years, and in its heyday regularly had busloads of visitors… Nowadays they are nearing the age of making the inevitable/unenviable shift to a retirement village, but their enthusiasm has not diminished one iota… So this afternoon we got a grand tour of their fantastic collection!


Beautiful old turntables & acoustic amplifiers!


And the coolest jukebox I have ever seen!


They also had a formidable collection of player pianos!


Every time I see a player piano score my mind does a triple flip: am I looking at [a] a knitting machine pattern [b] an early 80s punch card computer program or [c] a musical score. I am less interested in the answer & more interested in the idea of a genius hacker/composer who can only be identified by the cut of their jersey…


I was impressed with this player piano external add on & started imagining lining up percussion instruments beneath its hammers…


While it wasn’t intentional, visiting this museum on the same day as Apples big little new product announcements had me thinking about user interfaces…


These archaic devices have far better user interfaces than any silly watch! (Is it not ironic that I stopped wearing a watch the day I started always carrying a cellphone?)


There is simply no denying the physical, emotional and acoustic character of analogue equipment.


..seeing this beautiful little valve amp made my imagination kick in & wonder what it would sound like, with my SH101 plugged in & cranked up to 11….


or the melancholic anthropomorphism of this radio: its almost pleading to be turned on, and listened to…

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  1. Michael Clemets says:

    My brother Leon and his wife Yvonne are now in Whitby Rest Home and Hospital and so the Melody Farm Museum is closed. There is a family renting there though to look after things.
    Michael Clements Ph: 478-9060.

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