METADATA Test with Wave Agent

Following up on yesterdays post re Metadata, I installed Wave Agent and imported a test file: METADATA TEST.wav and I added the following metadata:

Wave Agent test

I then hit SAVE & exited Wave Agent & booted up ProTools
At first when I went to Workspace & located the file METADATA TEST.wav no metadata was displayed but when I selected the file ProTools quickly drew the waveform & displayed the metadata, as below.
Now I know there is also a shortcut key command that when you click on a waveform on a track, it requests ProTools to import all metadata – anyone remember what the key combo is? I only know it exists as a few times I have hit it by mistake and have to wait, since if its a big session with 5,000 files in it importing all the metadata takes a few minutes (and there is no cancel button)

Wave Agent test

Also, if I go to View menu > Region > Scene & Take I could display info in waveform:

Wave Agent test

So thanks Sound Devices & AVID for implementing this – go get yourself a copy of WAVE AGENT for Mac or PC here

UPDATE: If you own ProTools it would also be worth your while reading the PDF which is labelled: “Field Recorder Workflows.pdf”

Applications/Digidesign/Documentation/Misc/Field Recorder Workflows.pdf

Two relevant bits (although be aware DigiBase is not same as Workspace)

PT metadata support

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