Moog One 16 voice Group Buy?

Whoah the Moog One looks amazing, at first I wondered if 16 voice is overkill but after reading more about the architecture here I have a much better idea of what would be possible with it… But who has US$7,999 to spend on a synth?

While my modular synth is worth a lot more than that, I have collected it up and funded it over 10+ years… so eg a $30k modular synth is more like a $3k per year habit (relatedly I am constantly amazed seeing people with huge modular synths where almost every module in it didn’t exist 3 years ago, so maybe putting together a $30k modular synth in 3 years makes that Moog One price tag less extreme)

Back to the idea of a group buy, at a silly level:
100 people invest US$80 each and for that investment you would get access to it for approximately 3 days a year… It sounds silly, but if someone did it I would totally invest.

But how about 1 week of access per year?
US$8000/50 weeks = US$160 = still cheaper than a single eurorack module!
And with some planning a lot could be achieved in 1 week of recording

Co-ops were maybe more common back in the 70s and 80s eg I remember Piko food coop in Christchurch back in the day

But if you aren’t from this part of the world you may not know about MESS, in Melbourne Australia.

MESS = Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio who own a formidable collection of synths, which can be booked for access here in 4 hour blocks, each 4 hour block costing $44 for current MESS Members and $99 for casual non-members. What a brilliant idea, respect to MESS founders Robin Fox and Byron J Scullin. I am often tempted to make a booking and jump on a plane… even if just to spend 4 hours with a Synthi or their Buchla modular… And sooner or later I will!

Anyway, if you live in New Zealand and would consider investing in a share of a Moog One send me an email – maybe we could create a mini-NZESS or something?



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